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Final Fantasy VII Remake and SoulSync City Beta

Welcome back! If this is your first time here, glad to have you. I'm Kadin White, an aspiring game producer, and I talk about topics that interest me within, the video game industry, especially when giving thoughts on game production and project management.

When I sat down to right this blog, I wasn't sure what game I wanted to touch on this month. Then I realized, that when I did have the opportunity to play games over the past month, my little free time was consumed with one game. Final Fantasy VII Remake. Not to be confused with Final Fantasy VII Rebirth. Yes I know remake's been out for awhile, but I have to play remake before rebirth. 1 comes before 2. What ya gonna do.

Anyway it's my first ever time playing a Final Fantasy Game and I. Am. IN. The characters, the world, the combat. It keeps me wanting more. There is so much mystery. Right now I'm in Chapter 8 of the game and I still have no idea what role Aerith plays in the whole game even though I met Aerith back in Chapter 1, but clearly, there is a bigger story there.

The combat system is also a blast, being able to switch between the different party members makes for an interesting dynamic, especially because they all play a little differently and have some unique abilities. Honestly, unless I absolutely have to, because of the combat scenario, i.e. ranged turrets that Cloud can't reach, I'm using Cloud all the time. Don't even get me started on summons, they are so cool, the sheer spectacle is awesome.

Final Fantasy VII remake is a game in recent memory that also made me say, "this music is gorgeous." It's so so so good. The instrumentation, the intensity of songs in combat, it fits the theme and style of the game, it might just be my favorite soundtrack from a game ever.

It did get me thinking, FF7 remake is just part one of a total three-part trilogy remake. FF7 remake coming out in 2020, FF7 Rebirth launched this last month, and presumably FF7 remake part 3 coming out in 2028 maybe 2029, though 2027 might be a possibility. What I'm getting at is that's almost an assumed ten, pushing maybe 15 plus years to create and develop the trilogy in its entirety, because Remakes development began in 2015.

From a project management standpoint how do you plan for all that? How do you account for 15 years of a games development? Possible developers leaving to pursue different opportunities?

You don't.

I believe in order to plan long term you have to see where you are now. In the case of Square Enix Business Division, you just finished a four year development period of a massive triple AAA success. The first thing you do from a production standpoint is let the team and yourself take a break. Then when that's done you focus on the next project, FF7 remake part 3. Focus on the team that you have right now and plan for what that team allows you do within the time period, you're aiming for. If there is the potential for those variables to change leave some wiggle room for that. I believe part of being able to manage for the long term is seeing where you are in the now. If the first two projects are any indication of what's to come with the third installment of the trilogy. Then we'll all be in for a treat.

This is it. The final month of development. SoulSync City has officially gone into Beta. The sprint was a bit shorter than the time we had to get to alpha but the team refined, put in art assets, brought most of our music together. We aced our alpha. We aced our Beta. Now we've got one milestone left.


SoulSync City will be going gold in the first half of May. I'm sure you may be anxious to know the date. It will come. Just not quite there in the marketing cycle ;)

We're in the final polishing stages of the game and Lost Water Studios is hard at work making SoulSync City as polished as it can be. Now the game won't be fully complete at this time but if you do want to get a little sneak peak at the product you can come see it at FUSE 2024 at the Peoria Riverfront Museum on April 20th, and of course you can download and play the beta version of our game, from our itch page

Oh and in case I've never mentioned what SoulSync City is, or if in fact it's your first time here, this is a little synopsis:

Run, fight, escape. In SoulSync City escape a city overtaken by Modulus, a rogue combat AI. Play as Mei, a rebel on the run who has access to three unique tools that alter their movement in different ways and enhances their kinetic energy-storing pistol that deals damage based on speed. Using their tool(s) and pistol combination, take down Modulus, escape the city, and take back their soul.

The team has worked so hard all school year, we've had our ups with the project, and our downs, but this is the end, and the team is more determined then ever to bring this project to the finish line and I hope you'll play it, spread word of the game, and have as much fun playing it, as we've enjoyed making it.

If you decide to come to FUSE and check out the project stop by and say hello at our booth otherwise we'll see you in the first half of May and watch as you try to #Escapethecity #Takebackyoursoul

Thanks for reading and take care of yourselves,


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